Manners cost nothing

I've just been opening the post after a  tough morning of sorting out someone else's fuck ups, someone who is not only senior to myself but also better paid (whole other rant there) and have now got round to checking to see whether there's anything interesting in the post. I've just opened a letter and found enclosed 2 incorrectly filled in forms and a handwritten note that says (and the punctuation, or lack of it, is his not mine) "Vicola, 2 forms as lost 1 out of my wallet which had site management and I think my appointed persons. p.s. did you get my streetworks if not I've lost that as well". Well? What do you want, a standing ovation for having managed to lose 3 cards and fill in two forms wrong? Or do I take it from from your eloquently worded missive that you want me to take some of my time to correct your form, put the info from the wrong form onto the right form, write a letter to the card issuer to explein why we want another card and fill in three cheque request forms for the replacement? Because if so, I would suggest use of the words 'please' and 'thank you', otherwise you are going to to receive the square root of fuck all. I am not your bitch and I do not respond to tersely worded notes, at least not in the way you were hoping anyway. So I wouldn't hold your breath for your cards to arrive on your doorstep anytime soon. Wanker.

And then there's the QA man, who this morning requested to know where I formally record conversations I have on the phone with site staff. I don't. I speak to people, then I do stuff based on what they said to me. I do not write a 2000 word essay on the conversation, the outcome and what I believe both parties have taken from this discussion. Why the hell would I? It may be a problem that these conversations are not recorded but it's a quality assurance problem and since I don't work in the quality assurance department that makes it….not my problem. See?

I'm not 100% convinced I'm cut out for this work lark. It's not good for you. And it isn't helped by the fact that I've had suspected swine flu and now sound like Barry White, have a cough like a chain smoking emphysema sufferer and feel the overwhelming need to sleep from 2pm onwards….

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  1. Sadly some people are arses and some companies have idiotic procedures. We've got a database where we're supposed to record every single conversation and transaction with every client. Really? You want me to input the conversation each time someone phones up and asks for my email address?

  2. I miss your anger when I am not here for a while. I can help your QA department in that I have plenty knowledge about automated telephony recording systems for both quality control and "fuck over your co-employee's" purposes. I must state that the latter is not by choice. In fact if I had my way I wouldn't have to deal with co-employees as I generally detest people. Present company excluded, though I don't really need to say that.

  3. I hope you have recovered from the 'flu by now….. nothing worse than dealing with stupid people when you are less than 100% healthy. It's irritating enough when you are on par but can seriously raise the blood pressure when you're not feeling well. I deal with 300 idiots a day on the phone; some days I'm just better at it than other days……

  4. Cheers! I have a lot of anger to share, it's a wonder I haven't already exploded. Talking about absences, where have you been? You've been very quiet recently, we've missed you!

  5. 300 a day? Dear god woman, how do you cope? If I had to speak to more than a dozen or so I'd have to jump off the office roof. 300 idiots a day, that's horrific.

  6. At least you've got a database. No, we still haven't ….

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