Of course I’m not taking it personally…

And so, once again, I manage to plough an interview for a public sector job. The letter was waiting for me when I arrived home today and this month's public sector rejection was from Greater Manchester Police, who I had an interview with for a support role with last week. Well, clearly my dark sense of humour and general air of cynicism was once again too much for the yoghurt-knitting hoodie huggers whose main aim in life is to find that elusive one legged, mixed race, immigrant lesbian with 7 kids from different fathers, the one who ticks all of the magical public service diversity boxes. As a woman I had the one box ticked but it's clearly not enough. So bollocks to them, they can shove their politically correct, procedure driven, ethnically diverse job right up their multi-culturally integrated, politically correct bottoms.

It's probably for the best anyway – they would never have accepted my 'Queen of fucking everything' coffee mug. And it's not like I'm taking it personally…

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  1. I am gutted for you 😦 But hey, on the other side of things they weren't good enough for you so it'll be ok. Oh no….Do you think they were put off because they saw your comment on my 'irony' post?? Those bastards.

  2. I had flu when I went for interview which was probably a bad start, especially since my voice gave up part way through the presentation and my brain part way through the questioning bit. Still though, bastards. My brother sent me a very kind text message, "Ah fuck, sorry. On the bright side at least everyone won't hate you on sight like they usually do with the filth. Bunch of cunts." Exactly. But I could have done with the money and the office was literally 6 mintes from my house and didn't involve the M60….

  3. I always think these things are for a reason. You need to work somewhere that will accept your Queen of Fucking Everything mug. (I bought one of those for friend at work and it fits in perfectly)

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