Surely a testament to at least 11 years in the British education system…

Many thanks to Brennig Jones for bringing this clip to my attention.

For those in the UK, Peaches Geldof may well be known to you from the pages of The Sun, for anyone who has escaped her, she's the air-headed daughter of the scary haired two hit wonder, Bob Geldof. And she is another of these girls who is famous for being the daughter of someone who actually did something to become famous.

And so I give you Peaches Geldof, surely a future guest speaker on the intellectual conference circuit….

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13 Responses

  1. I think Peaches has several hundred close relatives in Australia.Every time I walk around a shopping centre I hear them speaking the same language.:-)

  2. My brother encounters many girls of her age and class using 'like' as a form of punctuation or instead of a pause around where he works in Fulham. He walks behind them counting how many times they say it and cheers when they get to 10.

  3. Fearne Cotton meets Peaches Geldoff. What a clash of intellectual giants!(btw, did the t-shirt arrive?)

  4. For some reason the image doesn't appear for me, Vicola. Probably just as well…

  5. It finally turned up. I feel sorry for her. She never really had a chance to know her mother, did she.

  6. If this was on facebook, I would 'like' it.

  7. At least it's not just the UK then…They could say what they wanted to say in alf the time if they removed all the 'like's from their speech. Dear god I sound like my grandmother, when did that happen?

  8. Ha! That's brilliant, they must be totally baffled as to why the bloke behind them is cheering..

  9. Indeed it is, I can only imagine that the interview consisted of Fearne asking Peaches inciteful questions about the economic situation and what she thinks of the current evidence for and against climate change. Or, alternatively, she could have been talking to her about shoe boots and what band members she fancies this week. Could have gone either way.
    T shirt did indeed arrive and is currently being used as a nightie!

  10. She certainly won't have known her well, Peaches was born in 1989 and Paula Yates died in 2000, which is a shame and left the girl without her mother for the most difficult teenage years. I just get annoyed with these girls who are touted as celebrities despite having no disceranble talent and not actually doing anything at all, other than having famous parents. Paris Hilton and Lionel Ritchie's daughter are another two that get on my pip for this reason.

  11. Why are these people using up MY oxygen?????????

  12. Because tragically we are not yet allowed to have people put down for being a waste of space….

  13. Couldn't stop laughing when I saw the video 🙂

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