Tell them what you think….

Just inc ase anyone wanted to have their say on the proposals for a new system to deal with MPs expenses, here is a link to the Taxpayer's Alliance explanation of the new ideas, which includes a link to the public consultation survey:

It explains the proposals and then allows you to go to a page where you tick some boxes and can leave some comments AND if you're feeling brave, your name and email address. I filled all the little comment boxes to capacity and left my name so I'm probably now on some database for the subversively sarcastic or something. But if you can't be blunt on a survey then where can you and I stick by my assertion that they're like small kids in a sweetshop who without adult supervision will scoff everything in sight with no thought for the shopkeeper who has to pay for the stock. So go on people, have your say, fill yer boots!

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2 Responses

  1. Oooh that was good fun ….

  2. Good isn't it? I got a lot off my chest…

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