Whne life becomes too tedious to be angry…

D'you know, usually I can find something to be annoyed about, however small, be it the uselessness of the eternally useless Useless Twat (it took me hours to come up with that nickname y'know), politicians and the fact that about the only revolting thing they haven't been caught doing is sexually interfering with a stoat during Prime Minister's Questions, the weather or other drivers. But this last two weeks, life has been so utterly tedious that I can't even get annoyed. I've filled in at least 70 million (possibly a tiny exaggeration but it's a lot) of crap subcontractor evaluation questionnaires and sent them out to people who won't bother filling them in and sending them back to me, as per our procedures. I've waded through the dullest audit report in the known universe to see what we need to address before the next world-shatteringly dull bout of paper pushing with the folks from Achilles, I've booked some courses for Useless Twat which is not my job but his but no, not even a twitch of anger (unless you count the fact that I've deleted his last three emails without reading them because he deleted mine without reading it, something I know to be true as it had a 'read receipt' attached and the gormless wanker can't even grasp Outlook etiquette). So I've come to the conclusion that sometimes, real life is so fucking tedious that it saps not only your will to live, but also your will to rant. How horrifying. I was not even raised out of my utter indifference by sending out an email without reading through it and then discovering that not only had I written "As DSE operators are required to shit for long periods of time at their workstations" but I'd also catastrophically mis-spelled 'Northern Counties' for the second time this year. One little 'o' can make such a difference…..

So what is the answer? How do I get my angry back? Answers on a postcard, preferably with a really vicious insult or a picture of yourself giving the one finger salute. My angry is AWOL and I miss it…..

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7 Responses

  1. I suspect you're getting too much sex. You should try abstaining for a while. Surely there's no other cure for anger – even tedium.

  2. [esto es genial]

  3. Loving the typos. And the latter one reminds me of something Joan Collins is alleged to have purred on some radio show after the Clinton/Lewinsky affair hit the press – when she said 'I hear she's been called the Countess of Monte Cristo ….. I think there's at least one extra vowel in the name' – or words to that effect.
    Oh – if that blog is you not being annoyed, then I reckon your ranting mojo will be back toot sweet.

  4. I think that you have just reflected my exact state of being at this exact moment – that real life is so fucking tedious [and spirit shrivelling ] that it saps not only your will to live, but also your will to rant.
    Had to smillel at the stoat comment – work colleague bought herself a stuffed stoat as a birthday present and she was only saying yesterday that she was waiting on a customs clearance on it (bought online obviously).

  5. You'll get your ranting mojo back once the in-laws arrive …

  6. Hello Vicola..First a minor laugh. Coloquiel use of Twat is female genital..over here. Considering the last I find that extremely funny..as does my wife. Second..How real is cyber anyway? Third..expectations of others can be irritating. Your own can hang you out to dry. Fourth..What is so great about anger? Perhaps you are growing to a new edge. Maybe the lie of political redundancy has put your good thinking and direction somewhat confused for the moment..What is the point of getting angry about not being able to get angry? Reminds me of..Shut up to all those that say shut up..Credit..Watler Wood..'Mad' magazine..when it was 10c. I hope you deal with this psychological anomoly. HO HO HO. You certainly are not alone in wondering why? Your purpose is your life. Peace Tony

  7. Lucky stoat! Usually it costs about five grand to get royally shafted by Geoff Hoon and you got it for free. Well done you!

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