Wanker of the Week

This week's wanker is unfortunately unnamed, I have no idea who the wanker is, what the wanker looks like or why they thought their idea was a good one. This week's wanker is……the PR Pillock that informed Gordon Brown he needed to smile more in the run up to the general election. We have gone from:

Potential leader of the UK who might be the one elected to deal with the running of the country to…..


Potentially dangerous lunatic who might be found running round the park with a knife and no trousers.


Well done Tarquin, fucking excellent suggestion. Now he actually looks as clueless as he is. I suspect Tarquin from Pretentious Prats PR might be a Conservative or Lib Dem stooge….


Still, at least we don't still have this amoral, slippery little twat in charge so things could be worse…

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20 Responses

  1. …running round the park with a knife and no trousers.Thanks for that image of Gordon, Vicola. Best laugh I've had in days. Looks as though you're going to need that sense of humour if the dreaded hung parliament eventuates.

  2. Aaargh!!! What a face!

  3. I thought you'd like the image. I bet he wears sensible Y-Fronts.
    I think we're going to need the sense of humour whoever gets in. The only way to drag us out of the crap is the hard way and I suspect that things here could be tough for a while. Still, on the plus side, we're not living in Greece….

  4. The dour look was a bit much … but he looks like a drunken fool in the smiling pic.

  5. I agree that he shouldn't smile. Ever. Never ever.
    But don't you think he looks completely wankered in the first pic – as in 'I've had 14 cans of Tennant's Extra' mullahed?

  6. Hello..In 'context' visuals are great..I would say your verbal description of this person was apropos to a lot of 'representatives' these days. A very funny posting with worldwide 'appeal and application'..Peace Tony

  7. He looks completely wankered when smiling too. I'm beginning to wonder if the mess he made of raiding the pensions and overspending might be explainable after all….

  8. Cheers Tony, glad you liked it. In an election when everything seems to be about appearance, I'm surprised more people don't notice these things…

  9. Hello..I am continually amazed..since age 3 yrs., at what they do not notice..how do they get to the john..much less the breakfast table..or obviously..keep from confusing to two..Peace Tony

  10. Some PR people have no idea but still they get the big bucks. Gordon should ask for his money back.Mind you I'm looking forward to our next Federal Election and seeing how bent out of shape Tony Abbott ends up when they try to rebuild him in a fashion more agreeable to women voters. It will be a big job and Gordon's man need not apply.

  11. I'm clearly in the wrong job because I'm sure I could make far more cash giving people advice on their appearance. The fact that I don't know ANYTHING about it doesn't seem to be a bar to PR success and getting the good jobs.

  12. May I suggest trading under the name of Vox Pops? Lets run it up the flag pole and see who salutes. ;-)Someone suggested recently Focus Groups have a margin for error of 20%. If that's true they are pretty much valueless. The suggestion was that that is how Kevin Rudd decided to drop the ETS program. The Voter feedback indicates it was an electorally bad decision.Of course that comment might be the musings of a PR guru and be valueless itself.

  13. Brilliant name, I shall begin the marketing campaign, "Vox Pops – your money buys our bullshit". I can see us making millions.
    Focus groups are entirely pointless if that's their error margin but in today's world of spin and crap it can be difficult to spot the made up stuff from the reality. I don't know if politics used to be more honest and open but it's certainly a murky world these days.

  14. As for those greedy, conniving, expense-fiddling shysters who are 'stepping down' at this election in order to collect a £64k golden handshake … it just beggars belief.

  15. That really grinds my gears. Apparently the argument is that they are given it because there is a chance that after the 4 years or so they'll be out of a job and if this wasn't offered, people wouldn't want to be MPs. I say bollocks to that. Anyone who takes a temporary contract accepts that it may end at some point in the future and none of them get offered a years salary when it does. Yet another example of 'one rule for them, one rule for us'. Vile. The mere thought of some of these vile leeches getting another wodge of taxpayer cash makes me very angry.

  16. Couldn't agree more Ms Vic!

  17. yee,hawwwww,england is turning conservative,there's hope for the world yet………

  18. Hey, that's a good point, Vicola. The rest of us have to work contract why shouldn't they? After they retire they invariably get work as a direct result of their service and for ex-Ministers it's highly paid too.I don't know if the UK has the same benefits as here in Oz but what really annoys me is our pollies get an extra loading if they serve as a Minister and it's a compound benefit. Someone like Peter Costello only gets one because he was a Treasurer for 9 or 10 years but an incompetant prick who makes a hash of several portfolios gets extra cash for each cock up.Clearly, they wrote their own contracts.

  19. I think the system is the same here. The higher up the greasy pole you manage to climb, the more taxpayer cash gets stuffed into your pockets via your salary, your perks, your pension and what you get when you quit. We've had loads of MPs stand down this year after the expenses scandal. Why? Because if you just get booted out you don't get the golden goodbye but if you stand down at the election you get your £60k +. So all those who knew they wouldn't get re-elected because they'd fiddled the expenses stood down and got a wodge of moolah, thereby getting further financial gain for being a corrupt bastard. Sometimes politics disgusts me and I'm not even getting started on what's gone on tonight. That's a whole post by itself.

  20. Nice post! Brown not smiling is not so good, but Brown smiling is even worse! I was hoping that you will give your take on the drama after the elections – it looks like you are bit busy 🙂

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