Wedding anniversary

The WEdding Party in the Italian Garden
Vikki, Micah and the boys in kilts 2
V&m wedding083
V&m wedding056

Today is my wedding anniversary. I have been married for 4 whole years, which is 2 years longer than some members of my family and 3 years longer than some people thought we'd manage. So well done to me and Mr V. A friend of mine has been told by her parents that if she manages to stay wed for 5 years or more she doesn't have to pay back the costs of the wedding but if she divorces before then she does. She's not entirely sure whether they're joking…

My wedding day was the hottest day on record in England. Fortunately, since it was an English/ Scottish wedding, 75% of the guests were in a skirt of some sort or another. And I will take this opportunity to inform you that real Scotsman of the Highland variety do not wear anything under the kilt. Our first confirmation of this came in the churchyard when a gentleman bent down to take a photo of the wedding party. I'm sure it would have been a lovely photo had we not all got an eyeful of his trouser ferret trying to reach the grass and been caught on camera in various states of shock and amusement. Another gentleman, who shall remain nameless, was really careful all day not to reveal anything but then let his guard down on the big group photo. His pant-rat has been forever immortalised on the steps of Tatton, bless him.

Special award for the day must go to Best Friend who did a stirling job as chief bridesmaid. Not only did she get really nervous for me so I didn't have to but she also rearranged my dress a thousand times, dealt with a wayward veil, chased wasps away from my Pimms and replaced it when they inevitably crash-landed among the fruit but she also saw off the sodding ramblers who decided that since they'd paid for a ticket to the house and gardens they were perfectly entitled to roam round the Italian Terrace in their beige shorts and jesus-sandals (with socks) regardless of the wedding in progress there. God forbid they shouldn't get their fivers worth. And they were eyeing up the Pimms going round. There's a reason why Best Friend and I are friends, we're very similar and let's just say she dealt with it. So well done to her.

All in all it was a cracking day and I'm most jealous of anyone getting married because I want to have my day again, sigh….

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  1. Happy Anniversary, Vicola. Brings back happy memories of a wedding we attended at that venue a couple of years later. A couple of kilt wearers there too, including my future son-in-law. So far as I know, the age old secret remained secured that day. I dimly remember dancing with future son-in-law much, much later, but perhaps the less said about that, the better. Enjoy your day.

  2. Cheers Snowy! Tatton is a gorgeous venue for a wedding, I'd loved visiting there since I was little and it's the only place I really wanted to have my wedding reception. Plus the Tenants Hall, with the all the wall-mounted stuffed things (by the looks of things, Lord Egerton was personally responsible for wiping out whole tracts of African wildlife) made it feel quite Highland! We got some great pics of the lads putting their hands in the mouths of various sharp-toothed creatures while pulling comedy faces. I was so disappointed when the car came to take us to the hotel, I could quite happily have had my wedding go on all night.

  3. Yes, the Tenants Hall was where the reception was held after many photo shoots in the Italian Garden. By the looks of it, Lord Egerton must have spent most of his life in Africa to get that collection. I think I told you that future son-in-law also hails from Inverness. He seems to be quite settled here in Toowoomba now. His parents are coming over for the wedding next year, so I guess kilts will be in vogue also. I was asked if I would be wearing one. After hearing of the kilt misadventures at your wedding, I think that will be a definite "No". Afraid we have nothing here like Tatton for the reception though.

  4. Ah my dad refused to wear a kilt, on the grounds that 'it might be a kilt on a Scotsman but I'm English and on an Englishman it's a knee length pleated skirt'. Quite. My brother also refused.
    According to some info I got last time I went to Tatton, Egerton built an exact replica of the Tenants Hall in Africa to hold some of his collection there. Also, just through the double doors at the far end, the bit where the Tenants Hall joins onto the main house, is THE most enormous stuffed fish in a big glass cabinet. It's the maddest fish ever.

  5. Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs V – looks like you had a most splendid day!

  6. Happy Anniversery..and a message from old do have your you remember..and express it quite well..Peace Tony

  7. Happy Anniversary! Those photos are gorgeous.

  8. Happy Anniversay…love, love, love the photo's and kilts 😉

  9. Happy Anniversary!

  10. Happy Anniversary. What a hilarious story about the kilts. I have never heard the expressions you used, of trouser ferrets and pant-rat. You made me laugh so hard, imagining all of this. I would love to see your looks of shock! Why on earth do they wear no underclothing. That seems like quite a ridiculous and possibly itchy tradition. Aren't kilts made out of wool?

  11. Happy Anniversary! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding!

  12. Happy Anniversary V. And more of them too.x

  13. Happy Anniversary – you and Mr Vicola look stunningly gorgeous. Know what you mean about wanting to have your wedding day again!!! xxx

  14. Kilts are indeed wool and given what they actually are, they are quite ridiculously expensive. Hundreds and hundreds of pounds for a decent one and all the little accessories and bits that go with them. On the plus side, provided you don't double in size it'll last you donkeys years.
    I have a vast array of pub-phrases for things. Mr V is still amazed after 8 years together, 4 of them married, at the names I come up with for things. Most of them rude.

  15. Thanks Bobbie! It truly was the best wedding ever. Although I may be slightly biased….

  16. Happy anniversary! Mr FD had some friends who said we would never last – just hit 33 years!

  17. Happy anniversary , beautiful photos
    You gave a glimpse about some of your happiness moments,so thanks for share 🙂

  18. Thank you, very kind of you to say so!

  19. Ooh, I love wedding photos! Congratulations on the 4 years, you and your hubby are effing stunners.

    PS. I'm hijacking 'trouser-ferret' (the terminology, not the, item)

  20. Cheers Inga, most kind of you to say so! I have a whole raft of bizarre expressions for things, such as 'trouser-ferret' gathered while I was a student. Mr V is both amazed and appalled by the names I come out with for stuff…

  21. Belated congratulations! The photos show a gorgeous wedding party – a lot of good looking people in pretty outfits. 🙂 LOL jesus sandals with socks!!

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