Man in dress has sex with dog in moat. I’m not joking….

Just thought I'd share this with you, as it nearly made me choke to death on my morning coffee (courtesy of The Telegraph)

Transvestite had sex with a dog at English Heritage castle

A transvestite had sex with a dog in the moat of an English Heritage castle.

Transvestite had sex with a dog at English Heritage castle

Pendennis Castle Photo: ALAMY

The cross-dressing man was caught with the animal in the dry moat of King Henry VIII's Pendennis Castle overlooking Falmouth Bay in Cornwall.

The 33-year-old mounted the pet after it chased him out of sight of its woman owner.

The owner had been walking around the ancient castle with a friend when the pair spotted the lone transvestite on the morning of Saturday July 10th at around a quarter to twelve.

He was wearing a black dress and walking around the steep-walled, empty moat.

As the two ladies spotted the cross dresser he ran away. Later one of the dogs chased after the man; by the time the women had caught up, the man was having sex with the pet.

Castle staff then restrained the man while police were called.

Pendennis Castle, managed by English Heritage, is a popular family tourist attraction and was heaving with visitors in high season.

He was escorted home and later made a "full and frank confession", and received a caution for outraging public decency.

A police spokesman said: "Other agencies were liaised with and he was handed over to them".

A spokesman for English Heritage said: "This was a very rare incident".

It certainly must have been a very rare incident. We went to loads of English Heritage castles as kids and we never once saw a man in a dress fucking a dog in the moat. Interesting to note also that you can receive a custodial sentence for not paying your council tax but you only get a caution for rogering someone's pet in full view of a castle full of tourists. The justice system is a mystery to me.

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14 Responses

  1. Give a dog a bone, indeed. *snap*

  2. Did he make the dog wear a dress as well?

  3. I had an uneasy feeling this would be in Cornwall. I seem to recall you posting something similar previously. My ancestors migrated from Cornwall. I think I'll stop there.

  4. Nice work!

  5. Sadly no, he didn't have time I don't think. And obviously he wouldn't want to be putting a dog in a dress, that would make him a pervert…

  6. Ah yes, wasn't the man who got his rocks off by swimming in shit from Cornwall? I'm thinking I might strike Cornwall off my holiday list. And if I do go there I certainly won't be taking the dog.

  7. And then there was the story about the 61 year old in the good ol' US of A who took his dog to the vet because it was depressed – and announced to said vet that 'it may be my fault – I haven't been as energetic when I've been f**king her …..'


  8. Really? Is that true? Jesus there are some weird people on this planet.

  9. Oh. my. *Cancels plans to take ferrets with her on vacation*

  10. Wow.As an observer on your planet, and based on this one incident alone, I now have to revise my view of the English. I always thought as a nation they were basically quite logical, shy and drunk. I put down their famous "eccentricity" to the fact that they are so laced up, that when they do "let lose" they come up with some rather bizarre fantasies and then usually only when drunk (which of course they need to be often in order to release their inner demons). But this…well….I indeed may have been wrong. I mean, finally the TRUE etymology of that old saying might be peeling back its layers of mystery. Not that I'm sure I want to see any more of what lies behind that old phrase…"Mad dogs and Englishmen" indeed. Though I feel due to the passage of time the word 'mad' was placed before the wrong creature…

  11. Sadly yes …. can't remember where I saw it or I'd put up the link.

  12. Hello..This brings forth the true meaning of 'putting on the dog' seems that despite the fact he ran from a woman to be with another..(was it a female?)..species..everyone..right up to this getting in the seems royalty does indeed lead..even if through castles from another era..he of the beheaded Catherine Parr and Anne Bolin may have dogged around a little too much..perhaps..just maybe the ghost of Henry has inhabit the body of..and have a fling..and mayhap the dog was Anne B. furry disguise..Did they mention the agencies referred?..if it was not the SPCA (society for the prevention of cruelty to animals) it won't do much good..nor will it get any more 'news' this time of questioned 'newsworthy'..HO HO HO..Peace Tony

  13. A "caution" for "outraging public decency" … really …

  14. There are so many questions that beg to be asked. But these are at the forefront of my brain: was the bitch (I'm presuming the dog was a bitch) consenting to the sexual act? Is it recognised, under the fucked-up thing we call English Law, for a human to have sex with an animal in an unconsenting manner? Would an animal be able to give consent to having sex with a human, or would the animal's owner need to give consent on its behalf? Jesus, this is screwed up on so many different levels I don't think I can get my head around the basics.But…There was a famous summing-up in the Clerkenwell Court in the early '70s, when the judge said 'And not only have you two men been found guilty of committing that act in public, you had the temerity to commit that act underneath one of London's prettiest bridges…'Takes all sorts.

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