Has anyone seen the grouch? Ah yes, there it is….

It’s official. Work smells. For the second year running the letter winged its way through the post to inform me that due to circumstances and reduced profits we will not be receiving a pay rise this year. Happy days. So despite the rising costs of food and fuel and petrol and indeed life itself, I shall be remaining on the same amount as I was in 2008. Will I get be getting an extra couple of days holiday to make up for it like Best Friend has? Will I fuck. I don't even get a decent amount of time to go to a bloody funeral. 1 piddling day for a funeral in Ashford, down on the South coast 6 hours drive my house. I am the least well paid fully-qualified person I know and I’m getting mighty bored of being broke. It may be time to take another foray into the world of job-hunting, the most soul-destroying (and in my case fruitless) waste of time a person can engage in. Wooo. Can you picture my delight? Bet you can. The next person working for more than I earn in the public sector who is going to the union and considering striking because they are getting a two year pay freeze had better not bring their whinge to my door. Because I’ve already had two years of pay freeze and I don’t have a union. Nor do I have a decent pension that is non-contributory, the queen’s birthday as a holiday or the ability to take 6 weeks off on the sick without getting my ass fired. Therefore my sympathy is not exactly overwhelming.

Tired. Grumpy. Skint. Nothing new here then.

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  1. On the news last night, some local gov't employees were complaining about not getting a raise for the third year in a row. I do not feel sorry for them, since I haven't gotten a raise in about five years … and three or so years ago everyone at my workplace (BUT ME!) got a raise. I didn't because I'm supposedly at the top of the payscale. I felt really special …

  2. Hello..That is what happens..you, at least, are facile in getting it off your chest and other places..If it becomes overwhelming there is a way to get perspective on some money things. Here in the U.S. we are getting on our feet as quickly as I have seen done. When the bankers did their dance..when the senate stood naked..when hundreds of millions of citizens developed the sudden ability to 'read the contract' many of those contracts were found to be illegal and blatently exploitive in the areas of default..these loans..put forth to secure real property in payment after loan payment failure..had folks being their own default at international finance levels..I know it all sounds a bit much..but I do ask the question..how can a contract exist if it is illegal?..Good to you..Peace Tony

  3. This is really crap 😦 What do you do for a living? Why would it be so difficult to find a new and better paid job? (current climate aside)

  4. Three years since my company gave an "annual" raise – not even a measly CPI increase. Of course all costs associated with getting myself to work have increased!

  5. I've been out of work since February, don't you bring your winges to me, girlfriend, I can out-winge you any day of the week. 🙂

  6. We could get the beers in and have a 'whinge-off', fiver says I give you a run for your money!

  7. We got a princely 1% this year – and whinged my head off – but now I feel lucky …..

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