Retail Therapy

In order to cheer myself up in these annoying and frustrating times I have been out and blued some cash I can't afford on something I don't need, namely these:

They make me happy. Yes people, I AM that shallow.

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18 Responses

  1. They're an investment they are. Shallow? Pah.

  2. I like to think that too. Some people invest in art, some people invest in wine, some people invest in shares, I invest in shoes I can't wear if it rains. But how much prettier are my new shoes than a crappy old bit of paper with shares on?

  3. I love Irregular Choice. Their shoes make me so happy. I can regularly be found pawing at the window of their shop.

  4. This is my first pair and as retail therapy they are amazing. Cheerful, happy, utterly impractical shoes designed to make you smile. Fabulous!

  5. Even better, they make everyone around you happy. I wore my blue sequinned pair on Friday night and made strangers squeal.

  6. YAY!! I only bought them at lunchtime and am so looking forward to wearing them somewhere. For tonight I will have to content myself with dancing round the living room in them…

  7. Next time you're in London, go to their Carnaby Street shop. TWO FLOORS of Irregular Choice shoes. TWO.

  8. TWO FLOORS?? I went into Schuh in the Trafford centre and was awe struck by a mere wall display sporting about 2 dozen pairs. 2 floors. Amazing. It's going on teh 'to do' list…

  9. Be prepared to be overwhelmed. They do awesome men's shoes too – unusual but wearable – so take Mr Vicola too. He can hold your hand if it all gets too much.

  10. Their boxes come in a convenient drawer style so if you have several pairs stacked up, you can still easily access the ones at the bottom. Even if you just want to take them out and coo over them. Which might happen in my house on occasion.

  11. Those are adorable! I love your taste in shoes. And I agree, you should squander your money on things that make you happy!

  12. I suspect that will happen in mine too. In fact as I was going to bed last night I opened their little drawer-box to have a look and check whether they were as lovely as I remembered. And they were.

  13. The occasional impulse purchase is a marvellous way to make you happy. Well it works for me anyway! I'm sure this is why famous people always look so grumpy, because they can buy anything they like whenever they want so the healing power of buying a lovely pair of shoes has been diluted.

  14. Straight over my head, mate.

  15. You go, girl!!! Retail Therapy is the BEST!! Love the shoes. Hope you will post a picture when you are wearing them!!

  16. Not a massive surprise Brennig, I'm not 100% convinced you're Irregular Choice's chosen demographic. But well done for having a look and pondering it for a moment, more effort than most blokes make when confronted with shoes. When I brought them homw, Mr V feigned interest for nearly 4 whole seconds.

  17. Those are really cute, I might have to get a pair for myself!!!
    I am with you on the retail therapy … it's good for soul 😀

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