Hello world!

Ok, I’ve managed to open this account. Does anyone know how I add people to my lists, receive comments or in fact do anything other than just write?? I’m drowning in a sea of techno-nonsense and it’s destroying my mind….HELP!!


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  1. Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. Hi. Well it looks like the next thing you want to do is import your old Vox blog here?

    (Or maybe you don’t…) But it’s easy to do if you want.

    Go to My Blog > DashBoard > Tools > Import > From Vox and type in some credentials. I myself don’t know yet how to follow other people (and have just been adding URLs to my RSS reader). There may be a better way than that, though. (I understand that was one of Vox’ strengths, R.I.P.)

    Good luck!

    • Cheers Koan911! I’m still trying to navigate my way around this new format and new slightly more technical system. It’s going to take me a while. But I did manage to import a picture of Mr V’s feet on Bamburgh beach as my header so I don’t feel entirely useless…

      • Congratulations! You did well. (You must feel relieved a bit.)

        I noticed that one reply in one of my threads that contained italics got chewed up… And embedded videos won’t import directly. Sigh… 😦

        So it’s probably a good idea to skim through…

        Anyway; well done.

  3. omg – this is CRAZY, Vicola!! (p.s. do you have a subscribe widget up there?? – i think that’s the only thing i managed to do so far, otherwise my “new” blog looks like someone threw my old blog up all over it!!) – i’m seriously going to spend a few hours going completely batty (that is, when we get back home in a week and i finally sit down to deal with all this!!) – well, it looks like we’re all getting here slowly!! – hugs!!

  4. p.s. that’s me, paikea (i made this account a while ago, not thinking i’d have to combine blogs, and now, of course, i can’t change it!)

  5. Hey, Vicola. Just stopping by to say hello!

    • Hello!! I’ve added you to my list now so I can keep following the adventures of your family and Livvy the Pup! Love your header, she looks so cute asleep.

  6. Oh Goodness me too!! I dont understand all this computery speak

  7. Hello Vicola,

    Just checking in. I’m not sure about my new name – how’d you get your blog roll looking so purdy – or even how did you get one? Are they very expensive from Harvey Nicholls?


    • Hello! Nice to see you haven’t disappeared. Most people seem to have decided to keep going in some form or another. I got the blog looking like it does by accident! I was clicking stuff to find out how it worked. If you go to ‘dashboard’, ‘appearance’ and ‘themes’, you can pick a theme for the blog. Actually you already ahve one don’t you, so you’ve got that bit. If you want to change the pic at the top, click ‘header’ under appearance and you can put any pic you like in! It’s taking a bit of getting used to this new place but I do like some of the things it can do and hopefully I’ll work out how to follow people properly sometime this century.

      • Hoi – sorry, not being very clear this morning. I wanted to ask how you add people to a blog roll.

        I like quite a lot of the features that are on here but some of the things aren’t as intuitive as they were on vox.

      • They aren’t, you’re quite right. I’ve had to be told how to do most stuff by other people. You need to go to ‘Appearance’ and then ‘widgets’ and drag the one called ‘blogroll’ onto your frontpage view bit, which if I remember rightly is on the right of the screen as you’re looking at the widget list. Once you’ve got the blogroll so you can see it on your front page, go to ‘links’. Click ‘add new’ and fill in the details. Don’t forget to check the little box at the bottom which says ‘blogroll’ and the link should appear on your front page under ‘blogroll’.

  8. Yay! I can read your rantings again!

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