Satan Horns.

Given what sort of a massive wanker he is, I can’t believe how difficult it is to find a picture on the internet of Tony Blair with drawn on Satan Horns and a twirly moustache. I want to write a post about some of the quotes I’ve found from his memoirs and how am I meant to do that properly without a pic of him with satan horns? If you can find naked women weighing in at more than a family car and ‘Kitler, Cat’s that look like Hitler’ (no, I didn’t make that up and really, some cats DO look remarkably like Adolf) then why can’t you find Tony Blair wearing satan horns? The internet truly is a mystery.

Ooh look, we can do polls, let’s have a poll!!


12 Responses

  1. You want me to make one for you?
    I like the new blog! Will make it much easier for me to follow you! 🙂

    • Hi Jenn!! If you can make a pic of Tony Blair with Satan Horns and a curly moustache I will be eternally impressed and grateful! It’s beyond my very limited talents. I only came onto here this morning so I’m still working out how all this wordpress stuff works but it’s going ok so far, have managed to make a list, put a pic of Mr V’s feet up as a header and import my old posts off Vox so am quietly confident…

  2. I thought he was a bully in a china shop (“emotional intelligent” taurus?!).

    I just wonder how he handles this fake frozen smile at the dentist!

    • He’s St Tony of Blair, sent here on a mission to single handedly save the universe and everything in it. He wouldn’t be struck down by cavaties because clearly the almighty thinks he’s far too important, therefore he won’t need the dentist. I read an article about him in the Sunday Times magazine yesterday. I nearly choked to death on my coffee as I read the bit where he insinuated that he was going to sort out the Isreal/ Palastine conflict on his tod. Wanker.

  3. LOL! Nice poll.

    I wonder if WordPress has neighborhood’s like Vox did? I’m still getting used to this place.

  4. I want the middle option to have a “nudge nudge, wink wink” after it , as in “He’s a Gentleman and a Scholar (nudge, nudge) You get the idea 🙂 I used to ask my parents (who were/are living in the UK and were there as we embarked on the fiasco that is Operation Enduring Freedom) what it was that Bush had on Blair. I couldn’t think of anything that explained why Bush had him by the short and curlies. Now I understand. Satan’s Bitch. Makes sense.

    • I always wondered that too. Now, given the benefit of hindsight I know why it is, it’s because he knew that if he turned the UK into Bush’s Bitch, not only would Satan be pleased and let him have an extra cookie before bedtime but also he’d be able to make an absolute fortune whoring himself around the US on speaking tours when the UK finally got bored of him.

  5. Hi Vicola, Just wanted to drop by and say hi and make sure you knew where I was. So glad you made it here! We will survive this move. I think eventually we will all like it better here. Come by and see me!

    • I’ve saved your address to my links, now all I’ve got to do is try and work out if I can sort a neighbourhood view thing like Vox has! It’s all very complicated but the marvellous Brennig, who is an expert in these matters, has said he’ll help me out.

  6. Nice to have you here on WordPress Vicola.

    Thanks to all the advice you received I have eventually sorted out this new house we’ve been shoved into.

    And……..wherefore dost one find pictures of these large naked women about which thou speakest?

    I’m just asking on behalf of a couple of the more mature ex-Vox friends who are probably too embarrassed to ask for themselves. I don’t wanna see them myself….it will probably put me off my Cornflakes.

    • Try googling ‘big naked ladies’ and you’ll find them. Purely in the interests of your friends of course. While trying to find some info about something technical I googled ‘feeder’ and that was a bloody revelation I can tell you. There are some seriously odd people out there.

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