Flashback Memories

Isn’t it weird how a bit of music can suddenly transport you back to somewhere else? ‘Mr Jones’ by Counting Crows comes on the radio and suddenly I’m not in the office trying to avoid doing anything useful, I’m sat in my room at uni with a group of friends, barely able to see each other through the haze of cig and weed smoke filling the place. And everyone is singing really loudly because we’re all plastered.

Why are my memories so much less classy than everyone elses?


12 Responses

  1. Fret not Vicola, classy memories lead to boring people. Some of my best memories involve cow shit and duck lice.

    • Which song triggers those memories? I have a very happy memory involving horse shit and creosote.

      • I hope you weren’t smoking that mixture too. If so I’m very impressed that you can still string a sentence together.

        I don’t actually have a cow shit song, but ‘Man I Feel Like A Woman’ always takes me back to a particularly unfortunate karaoke incident. When it wasn’t karaoke night. The band was most surprised.

      • I wasn’t no. I’m fairly sure creosote is flammable so that would have been a very bad plan. No, I was creosoting a stable block. Near Eastbourne.

        Well done on the impromptu kareoke. The only good thing about alcohol induced memory loss is that if you’re drunk enough to perform spontaneous kareoke in a crowded bar it’s unlikely you’ll remember the full horror of the sound and visual experience you provided for everyone else. There are times when that’s something to be grateful for.

  2. There are a few songs that will grab me in the most gut wrenching ways, good and bad, and take me back to all kinds of moments. I responded very emotively to music and especially lyrics.

  3. Ack! How did that album (August & Everything After) not make my list?

    And if you’re memories are un-classy than mine definitely are too, haha.

    • It’s a brilliant album and even 12 years on I can still remember all the words. Ah the days. I’m going to dig it out when I get home and take myself off on a nostalgia trip.

  4. I have a very similar memory except nobody is singing along and it was my house that everyone was hanging out at

  5. Led Zepplin’s “Stairway to Heaven” brings back a double set of memories for me. The first being, that was the first concert I ever attended and we won’t even talk about the shape I was in by concert’s end.

    The second memory though is of years later, my fifteen year old daughter came in one day from school talking about this great new song I needed to hear. “You would really like it mom” she said. When I asked her what the name of the song was she stammered a bit trying to remember for sure and finally said “Oh, Stairway to Heaven.” I thought I would die. We ended up arguing over whether it was new or not. I kept saying, “No honey, that is not a new song, I promise you!”

    • Ha! I remember having a similar argument with my dad about some song or other, kids always think they’re the first ones to every create something interesting!

  6. I’ve been hearing “Mad World” everywhere lately, and I so associate it with junior high school. They used it for a dance number on SYTYCD, then I heard it playing on a store’s sound system, then just yesterday on a TV program. It’s haunting and beautiful and sad, and it’s so nice to hear it again!

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