Redneck Moron

Sometimes you find something worthy of sharing and via Best Friend’s Facebook page I found something very amusing. Emails from a redneck to someone he thinks is a ‘foggot’. Lovely.


15 Responses

  1. Oh boy Vicola. That is a thing of monumental beauty. I’ve nearly laughed my eyes out – thank you for brightening my day.

  2. Hilarious! I’m putting this up on my Facebook.

  3. Wow… That guy, George Lewis, was a douchebag. LOL!

    That was very funny. =D


    Wilford Tibbetts

  4. Priceless Vicola.

    I have seen several FB exchanges but this one takes the cake.

    I always think it’s funny when the dill getting belted in these exchanges doesn’t realise they are batting way out of their league.

  5. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! 😆 That is awesome!! Having a gay son, Josh, I fully appreciate how Tony handled the moron writing to him.

    Believe me, my son has dealt with this type of person more than once, as we have. After Josh moved, someone went up to a Ian, a friend of Josh’s since childhood, and (in the church lobby, no less), this dude said to Ian, “I hear your fag friend moved!” Ian turned around and punch the guy in the face. The next time Ian drove by our house, I was out in our front yard. Seeing that his window was down, I yelled, “YOU ARE MY HERO!!”

    • Sorry, not Tony, I meant David.

    • Dear god, there are still young people that dumb and bigoted coming through the ranks? Frightening. And these idiots will have the vote, the right to breed and to carry guns as well. Most alarming. Poor Josh shouldn’t have to take abuse like that but he’s got his family behind him and hopefully it’ll give himt he strength to ignore these halfwits and recognise as the morons they are!

      • Yes, Josh is doing fantastic now!!! He is a senior in college and has found his “niche,” so to speak. We are so proud of him 🙂

  6. Haven’t laughed so much for a long time.

    The final 2 entries put the icing on the comedy cake.

  7. Talk about Redneck with a capital “R”.

    I think i actually snorted with laughter about 12 times while reading that, Vi. David was absolutely priceless. I’m so going to have to share that.

    I am going to sleep though now, as it is 4am – you know, my usual unintended bedtime. *gah*

  8. funniest thing i’ve seen in ages – how do people that dumb manage to get out of the house every day? David is a classic!

  9. Brilliant. Sounds just like the stuff my brother did, only he never blogged about it. He was an equal opportunity asshole, he hated everyone. LOL

  10. Absolutely brilliant – I have forwarded it to all mah boys …

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