Does anyone out there know if I can make a single post private to the general public and available to a small list of those I know well like we could on Vox? I’ve got some family stuff that I want to rant about but don’t want appearing on a search engine somewhere and I don’t know how to make it secret!


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  1. Go to Dashboard, Settings, Privacy. You can choose from three settings. The middle one excludes search engines.

    • Cheers Snowy! My dysfunctional family have been at it again and I can’t put it publicly because I have a suspicion that this time it might be so mental that it stretches into the illegal. So I don’t want it public.

  2. Am I allowed your password? šŸ™‚

    • You are indeed and I’ve sent it over to your whingingpig email address. The only reason I made it private is that I don’t want it stumbling upon by accident because offending people in my family can cause nuclear style reactions and an eternity of sulking.

  3. I wouldn’t mind the password, if you want to share. My family (well, my husband’s family, really) is batshit crazy and I wouldn’t mind some company, haha.

    • I’ve sent it over to your email address. There’s no one can drive you nuts quite like family, which does include inlaws. You know what they say, you can choose your friends….

  4. Now I’m curious… “nosey”. šŸ˜‰

  5. If you feel comfortable in sending me the password, I have the private message box on my page that come to my email. If not, I understand.

  6. Any chance of reading the post?

  7. I hate to tell you this Vicola, but though your next post was not visible to me on your blog, the whole document shows up on the Google Reader preview.

    How bad is that?

    If the crazy one has an eye on your blog via Google Reader, she just got a reality check.

    I hope everyone catches this one on the rare chance some family members are a bit techy.

    Incidentally, I didn’t know about this till I read the preview this morning.

    • Chances are the mad cow has had her internet connection cut off for not paying the bill but it’s a point to note before I start ranting about the inlaws again. If you work out how to get round this, let me know!

  8. Hey, please could I have your password as well? Not sure if you’ve got my email – is there any way you can send PMs on here?

  9. Curiosity (and general concern) has gotten the better of me, Vic. If you’re willing to share I’d be willing to read. Oh, and if not I won’t be offended! šŸ™‚

  10. Oh – I’m feeling all left out because I don’t know the magic combination! If there are any left you can contact me at


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