Cat vs Printer

Oh my god, it’s me, only in cat form. This is exactly what I was doing all last week…


13 Responses

  1. That is hilarious!! I love the cat, who seems totally frustrated. The voice is perfect. I suppose someone got you on tape. Now you may really get in trouble at work 😛

  2. Almost looks like you too, sans tail of course. LOL

  3. lol! – the Vicola/cat is gorgeous:)

  4. LOL – that’s terrific. The cat is beautiful.

  5. How many times has that happened! Thanks for making the day start a bit better. There is nothing like shared pain!

  6. At my previous-previous job, our printer bears the scuff marks from the numerous times I kicked it. It never occured to me to tell my boss that the cat did it.

  7. and on a totally different note….what’s the password for your protected posts? Or is it intentional I don’t know/forgot/misplaced it?
    been really busy, but not dead and still “tracking” the ex-voxers…

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