Did I spell it right?

Have I cocked it up?

Have I opened the door to Mr Cockup?

I’ve just been scouring the internet for keepsake gifts for my gorgeous new niece. Having found one that’s perfect, I opted to have it engraved with her name and birthdate. So I filled in the details and paid.

Now that the item is ordered, I’m paranoid that I’ve spelled her name wrong or made a mistake on her birth date. I’ve checked it 6 times and even had a look on the computer’s calendar to make sure that I haven’t gone entirely mental and that it is the year I thought it was. For the reassurance of anyone else out there who is concerned that they might have accidentally lost or gained a year somewhere, I can tell you that it’s definitely 2011. I can’t see a mistake anywhere but I’ve still got a niggling doubt and it’s bugging me. If the item arrives and I discover I had some sort of major brain malfunction whilst filling in the form leading to me ordering an item inscribed “Bathsheba Jezebel” I will not be pleased…


8 Responses

  1. Bathsheba Jezebel Cockup is a lovely name. Perhaps you should order a second one right now?

  2. LOL. I just ordered my son a surprise iPod nano for his birthday and had his phone number engraved on the back. Your post was really timely as the iPod has not arrived yet and I’ve started to stress that I’ve either transposed numbers or he’s changed his bloody phone number!

  3. Mr FD was godfather for his niece and we bought her a christening cup that we got engraved – and we spelt the second christian name differently to what SIL was going to choose. She changed it to our spelling!

  4. Babbling Jesuit. That’s an unusual name…

  5. This is why I had to stop going to church, because my inner Tourrette’s demon kept wanting to swear in the middle of a service. Seriously. I felt compelled to do it.

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