Thinking of GOF….

I’d just like to ask everyone to send a little thought or prayer up for GOF, write of the ‘The Bucket’ and Mrs GOF. They’re currently slap bang in the path of the cyclone that’s about to hit Australia and are taking shelter in their house, having decided to stick it out rather than evacuate. So if everyone could keep their fingers crossed for them and the others in their region, that’d be just grand, ta.


10 Responses

  1. All digits duly crossed.

    (Which is making it damn hard to type …)

  2. Thinking good thoughts – which is hard for me!

  3. The cyclone has crossed a bit South of GOF, Vicola.

    That’s a good thing but no guarantee of no damage because it’s so huge.

    Just heard a news update where they talked to a bloke who moved his family into the car after the roof blew off the house. He sounded pretty matter of fact for someone who had an “interesting” evening but that’s North Queenslanders for you.

    Very chilled out folk up north.

  4. Wow, so much bad weather everywhere! It’s really very scary if you look at the whole picture. Floods, blizzards, cyclones. Scary stuff. All my fingers are crossed!

  5. i’m sending super good thoughts their way, Vicola!

  6. Thanks for your thoughts Vicola! They did decide to evacuate after all, but returned this morning to find no major structural damage 🙂

    Anyone want to move to Australia?

  7. Oh that’s a good result. Glad they are OK.

  8. Everything is crossed. Let us know how they get on wontcha?

  9. Thank you Vicola. I am almost speechless and incredibly humbled and somewhat overwhelmed at the unexpected support we received from my blog friends.
    Thank you so much for caring.

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