It’s a catastrophe. I have left my handbag on the table at home. We have a major audit today so I can’t skip out and go get it. I now have no money, no perfume, no mobile phone but worst of all….no makeup. I am spending a whole day at work with no makeup. I am confidently expecting the client’s auditor to run screeching from the building when he is confronted by the full horror of morning me with no slap on. If anyone wants me I’ll be at my desk, hiding behind my hair and hoping no one notices that I am at least 6 times more troll-like than yesterday.

It’s like being naked, only worse.


10 Responses

  1. Oh no!

    You’ll just have to borrow. You know it makes sense.

  2. Wow. And here I thought women had stashes of that stuff all over the place. At work … in the car … etc.

  3. Ugh, you have my sympathy. No co-workers you can beg from?

  4. I never wear make up to work. I rarely wear it at all. I don’t understand why women need to feel pressured into painting their real faces.

    • Under ordinary circumstances it wouldn’t rock my world either but it’s been a stressful month and stress does bad things to my skin. For this reason it currently looks like I’ve cheesegrated my chin and I’m very self conscious about it, hence the makeup catastrophe. I’m also blessed with the natural skin tone of a recently deceased person so if I odn’t have blusher on I look like I’ve just died.

  5. Flamingo Dancer – me neither. Anything that would involve me getting up earlier for work is out of the question.

    Did no money mean no lunch? I’d be weeping and wailing about that. Poor you…

    • No money would have meant no lunch but lovely Colin the electrician lent me a fiver and so I could eat. Nice electrician. I don’t get up earlier to put my makeup on, I do it while eating my breakfast at my desk. I don’t have an extensive makeup routine by any stretch: cover up stress-ravaged chin – 12 seconds, put on powder foundation stuff – 4 seconds, blusher – 2 seconds, spray perfume – 1 second. Done. But it makes me feel happier.

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