Writer’s block

D’you know what’s weird? Apart from me being the only person in Britain not to have had their phone hacked by the News of the World and me not winning £166m on the Euromillions so getting to live in a castle, that is? Ever since my dad died I seem to have ended up with writer’s block. Odd. I go to write stuff and it just doesn’t work. I’ve never had trouble writing before, as you might have guessed I don’t normally struggle to get annoyed with people and rant about it on here but recently I have. I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired or because my emotions are being used up trying to deal with myself and mum (which is a while other story in itself)  but I can’t seem to get as worked up as usual about ridiculous people and stupid actions. I mean I got a bit annoyed at JK Rowling at the Harry Potter premiere acting as though a family member had kicked the bucket when in fact we all know she’s set to make about another squillion quid off the back of the last film. And her dress was an abomination as well. But I didn’t get as annoyed as usual.

This is beginning to alarm me. What if I’m becoming…..NICE?? What the hell would I do then?


9 Responses

  1. Nice? No, that would never do, Vicola. It just wouldn’t be…..Vicola. Seriously though, I’ve only just returned to blogging after quite a long hiatus. I blame old age, but we won’t go there in your case… I’m sure it will only take one encounter with a real asshole to restart the creative juices. I mean, there’s just so many of them out there it’s just a matter of time, isn’t it.

  2. I think it’s called ‘perspective.’ Something BIG and nasty happens, and all of the sudden the little things just seem so much littler.

    You’ll recover (and that’s not even an appropriate word) … just take care of yourself and Mom for now. Excuse me … Mum …

  3. Just for the record, you gorgeous person, you’ve always been nice. And you continue to be nice. It’s just that sometimes you have rough edges, sometimes. But don’t worry, the rough edges will reappear soon and you’ll be back to normal and the world will quake in your presence.

  4. At last a reason for PC Shiny Buttons to exist.

    Hopefully a Public Servant will rise to the challenge in the near future or perhaps even a greedy Media mogul issuing a “sincere written apology.” There is so much love in the world I think I’m going to puke.

  5. hehe. i love the way you write. very charming/funny

  6. Be kind to yourself, it all takes it own time…

  7. don’t worry…there is still adultery and alcoholism to look forward to …. 🙂

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