Dog Piss

Ok, does anyone out there have any (sensible) tips for getting a urine sample from a dog? The vet says I have to get a urine sample from the dog, the problem being that my dog is a bit of a prude, he doesn’t appreciate an audience and he certainly doesn’t want company. I can see his point. So thus far, after a grand total of 7 attempts chasing the hound round the garden to collect pee for the little pot, all I’ve got is wet hair because it’s raining and dog piss up my arm. And now, if I so much as set foot in the garden at the same time as the dog, he stops where he is, refuses to go for a pee and just stands there glaring at me like I’m some sort of urine-based pervert.

I require assistance.


9 Responses

  1. Maybe a condom will solve the problem. On the dog, that is. Shouldn’t be too difficult to put it on with a couple of strategically placed rubber bands. Be sure to take a shot of you putting it on, won’t you…

  2. Collect it off of your arm?

  3. Here is a YouTube tip though it doesn’t sound that easy especially if the dog is already suspicious.

    Oh. And if you need the musical accompaniment try this

  4. Go with Snowy’s suggestion Vicola. You can’t beat the wisdom of experience. 🙂

  5. Get the dog to pee on a towel, take the towel to the vet – or wring the towel out in to a jar and take the jar to the vet. Or, take the dog to the vet and say ‘Here you are, help yourself!’

    Soz, not much help.

  6. Now I know why I don’t have a dog. Take pictures please!

  7. Oh my god Vic please tell me you didn’t put a condom on your dog – assuming you had any to.hand that is.

    I mean, sometimes you don’t. I know for several.years if we needed one the cupboards would have been bare until
    a few months ago.

    Your friends requesting photos of the deed are, erm, odd. Or perverse I.can’t work out which.

  8. You need to blog about how this turned out, or I’m unfriending you.

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