Bad Manners and the Cesspit of Lunacy.

Well, a fortnight to go until I leave this hallowed place of bullshit and pointlessness for pastures new and it still feels like I’m wading kneedeep through a sea of lunacy and idiots. Emails for stuff I’m quite blatantly not going to bother doing are still coming in thick and fast and are being filed in the ‘can’t be arsed with this nonsense’ box. What is really annoying me though is that no one further up the food chain than the Framework Manager has bothered to acknowledge that I’m leaving. Managing Director, who I have worked a lot with recently fixing some cock ups that happened on site, didn’t bother to speak to me all last week about anything at all. I assumed he was on holiday. He wasn’t, he’s just an ill mannered twat who doesn’t even have the common to acknowledge receipt of the resignation letter from someone who has worked for the company for nearly ten years and who recently has put in countless hours of unpaid overtime to pull his organisation out of the shit. He’s on holiday now mind you, for a fortnight so won’t be back before I leave, meaning he at no point had any intention of saying anything to me about the fact I’m leaving. Wanker.I have heard nothing from the massed hordes of eejits at Enterprise’s ‘Shared Services’ about whether my resignation has been accepted and filed (not that I give a tiny flying rat’s ass if it has, I’m off anyway, eventually someone will stop paying me I’m sure) and what I do with the company car when I finished. Am thinking of emailing employee assets on my leaving day to inform them that their car is parked outside my house and the key is taped to the inside of the wheel arch, along with my company mobile phone. Whether they then choose to collect it or not is entirely up to them.

Tomorrow I have to drive all the way to Durham to attend a meeting about how the integration of the two companies is progressing and what the plans for the future are. I asked if I could be excused from this as there seems little point in me doing a 5 hour round trip to find out information that will have sod all bearing on my life or working practices but the answer was no, because Boss Woman, who it has to be said is utterly batshit crazy and who never does any work beyond sending emails demanding stuff off the rest of us, wants an ‘update’ from me. Why I can’t just email this update is completely beyond me but hey, I don’t pay for the fuel and it’s a day out so what the hell.

I can’t imagine why I didn’t resign earlier. It’s not until none of it matters any more that you realise just what a tidal wave of shite had been washing over you. Really, adding your boss to your spam list is something that everyone should try, it’s very liberating and frees up enormous amounts of your time.


5 Responses

  1. You know, I’m not sure I’d want to rely on an outgoing employee to ‘update’ me about any futures plans with the company … you might just make stuff up and they’d know no different until they finally pulled their heads out long enough to notice.

  2. They sound like a load of bastards at your work. Honestly, the MD couldn’t even be bothered to acknowledge your resignation letter. Tosser. So tell me, have you got something else lined up?

  3. Only a week to go now Vicola….you can really accelerate your feelings of happiness and relief at leaving.
    Best wishes for your new job and I hope it proves to be much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

  4. Amazing degree of management logic there; let’s send someone out of the office on a trip of unproductive time, instead of having them spend time preparing for their departure. Awesome.

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