First Day Nerves..

So, I’m sitting in the car park waiting for my first day at the new job to commence. I’ve already managed to forget my notepad, which is a marvellous start. Things to remember: don’t swear, try not to let it show if you think someone is a twat, don’t spill coffee on the boss, don’t use the gents by mistake, think before speaking and hope the guy who saw me fall over my wheelie suitcase in the hotel carpark last night isn’t one of my new colleagues. That should just about cover it.

Oh fuck. The guy whI saw me fall over the suitcase IS working here. He’s just pulled up and parked next to me. So parked on one side is someone who has already seen me make a twat of myself and on the other is the guy who conducted my interview. Better get out of the car then I suppose.Wish me luck!


9 Responses

  1. Very best of luck mate, not that you’ll need it. Knock em dead 🙂

  2. You’ll do fine. It’s always best to get the embarrassing stuff like tripping over your bags over with on the first day anyway.

  3. You will ace this job and conquer all your minions and bosses alike. Best of luck but you don’t need it. xx

  4. Good luck Vicola, not that you’ll need it with your professional approach to work.

  5. Break a leg! (figuratively not literally, so stand back from the suitcase). I am sure you will smash it 😉

  6. Hope it is all going great!

  7. … and Vicola left the car, never to be seen or heard from again …

    • I know I have been utterly useless recently at being up to date GOM, I am a rubbish online mate at the moment!! I promise I will try and get on and update with my latest stupidities tomorrow. I’ve done some howlers recently, yesterday I accidentally flashed a guy in a hotel car park. Job has turned out to beige work than I thought leaving less time but I shall endeavour to get online tomorrow. If only to see what you reprobates have been up to in my absence…

      > Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 16:11:23 +0000 > To: >

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