Heading for Christmas

I’d just like to reassure the lovely GOM that I have not in fact been taken hostage by the customer services division of Landrover for daring to question their man-centric sales policy, I’ve just been very busy and had a bit of writer’s block!

Talkinf of busy, I was planning to go to the candlelight carol service at the church where me and Mr V got married on Sunday. The service was on sunday by the way, I did not get married on Sunday. Just thought I should make that clear. The service was at 6.30pm. At 7pm, while cleaning out the fridge on a whim and because I’d read an article in the paper about how the germs in people’s fridges could kill them, especially if the fridge was as minging as mine, I realised that I had in fact missed the carol service. So I didn’t get to go and sing carols in the candlelight because at the time everyone else was giving it a burst of ‘Hark the Herald Angels’, I was scrubbing what looked suspiciously like dried blood out of the crevices on the fridge shelf using an old toothbrush. I am a twat. On the plus side. I am now a twat with a hygienically clean refrigerator. All I have to do now is paint the hall, stairs and landing, train the dog to shit on the astroturf and not the new flowerbeds, fix the letterbox, find someone to fix all the downstairs doorhandles, clear out the cupboard under the stairs and re-gloss the interior wood in the house and my christmas ‘To Do’ list will be completed. This said, what is most likely to happen is what happened last year, when I ignored the christmas ‘To Do’ list in favour of getting fat and pissed until the new year when I was hungover, lardier than in November and still in possession of a fully formed list of shit that needs doing. Still, it’s the thought that counts eh?

Hope your preparations are going well!